Jennifer Crawford
Community Outreach & Family Support Director
MS. Ed
Jennifer Crawford, MS. Ed, owned and founded The Learning Lane a center for children with autism using ABA Principles and sold it in 2013 to move overseas with her family. Jennifer believes by using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, positive and meaningful learning can take place. Jennifer is a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst, but not practicing ABA at this time. Jennifer does hold a Masters in Science in Exceptional Education.
Jennifer also holds a teaching certificate in Special Education and Gifted and Talented.   Jennifer was also a LoneSTAR LEND Fellow in 2020/2021 and nominated by the faculty to receive the Akanksha Kamal LoneStar LEND Trainee of the Year Award.  Jennifer’s various accomplishments also include: Texas Autism Rule Study Committee; NHC-ASA     Vice President, Texas; Unlocking Autism Representative; Virginia Autism Teacher of the Year 2003; Autism Arts Connection Essay Winner 2003.  Jennifer is a Passionate Advocate for Children with Autism in the Educational Setting.  Jennifer resides in Magnolia, TX with her husband and 2 children.