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Thrive With Autism Foundation Board Members

Elizabeth Goldsmith

Founder and President

Adrienne R. Sodemann

Vice President

Robin Newkirk


Ann Ziker, Ph.D.

Board Member

Stacy Grimes

Board Memeber

Rev. Rusti Moore

Board Member

Dr. Alan Seay, EdD

Board Member

Bob Abendschein

Board Member

Dr. Ronny Knox

Board Memeber

Robert Morrison

Board Member
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What is Thrive With Autism?

Thrive With Autism is a 501c 3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization formed to help children with autism gain access to individualized high-quality education, therapies, and other services needed to help them reach their full potential. Our two main goals are to create a tuition-free, charter school accessible to all children with autism, regardless of financial standing, and to provide a one-stop shop approach that allows access to additional services needed for children with autism.