Rev. Rusti Moore
Director of Development
B.S., M.DIV, Pastor Emeritus
In 1970 a young enthusiast set out to change the lives of children.  She attended Baylor University and after marriage transferred to University of Houston where she graduated in 1976 with a Bachelor of Science in Education.  She taught in Texas, Mississippi, and California but began to feel a sense of Calling to the Ministry.  In 1984 she enrolled in South western Baptist Theological Seminary and graduated with a Masters of Divinity Degree in 1989. Later she was invited to serve as Minister to youth at West University Methodist Church and began to preach, lead classes for youth and parents and ultimately after completing a series of classes through Perkins School of Theology was ordained as an Elder in The United Methodist Church.
The Bishop and cabinet in 2000 invited Rev. Rusti to be the first woman to start a church in the Texas Annual Conference. The founding of Wildwood United Methodist Church began in Bear Branch Jr. High School and chartered in May 2001.  By Easter of 2005 Wildwood had constructed a beautiful edifice on FM 1488 and began a premier preschool, Wildwood Christian Academy. The Academy became known throughout the community and filled quickly with outstanding teaching of academics as well as a base in Christian faith. Wildwood sponsored a Title school and annually provided children in need with supplies, backpacks, shoes, underwear and socks.  A food pantry was expanded to provide community folks in need with assistance in their rent or mortgage, utilities, and transportation.  As Rev. Rusti continued to serve as the founding pastor of Wildwood she desperately wanted to provide a safe space for teens to come and enjoy a meal, games, friendships, and worship.  In 2010 the West Wing and an extension for the Academy were added. 
She has never stopped believing a vision and determination can change the world.  Prayer can change the world and faith in the substance of things not yet seen can change the world. The community has been served in a myriad of ways. With God’s help she will tell you anything is possible.
She is currently retired as she serves as Pastor Emeritus of Wildwood United Methodist Church.